Harnessing the power of light.

At ErosPhos we demystify lighting control. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion out there, and a common belief that lighting controls are different for interior and exterior applications, and that control protocols change depending on their application. In fact, they don’t; it’s the application that changes.

Regardless of your sector or environment we provide the design, and supply standard and custom-built control systems. And long after they’re installed we can continue to support you with a tailored maintenance package.


Flexible, intuitive, connected, reactive.

We appreciate that not all installations are the same, which is why we specialise in unique lighting control systems that can be adapted to deliver the very best energy-efficient solution. ErosPhos lighting control systems can be linked to other services (such as building energy management and audio visual systems) within your building, in order to help you manage the overall ‘green rating’ of your building. ErosPhos provides seamless inter‐system communications.

Energy efficient lighting control systems.

Smart-thinking lighting control systems use technologies such as presence detection, daylight harvesting, scene-setting, fault and error reporting and emergency lighting testing and monitoring. This is not only to meet building safety guidelines and legal requirements, but also to boost the energy efficiency of buildings.

ErosPhos recognises the importance of reducing energy consumption. With each of our control systems you can closely monitor what’s being used where, so both energy use and lighting energy analytics can be monitored at all times.

Making the impossible possible

Passion and innovation are the driving forces behind ErosPhos. Dynamic colour change, video, media and human interactive systems are pivotal to our product portfolio. And our sophisticated control solutions are designed, engineered and commissioned to provide advanced control, so that we can make what seems impossible a reality.

Current Project

- Queensferry Crossing, Scotland, UK