Façade and Video Façade

Light up your façade - innovative, designer lighting solutions

Innovative, designer lighting solutions.

Just the right amount of light, at just the right angle, can truly maximise the impact of architectural features. At ErosPhos we love how light can capture the natural beauty of a building. We’re also proud to promote good lighting practice and maintenance. Taking a hands‐on approach, we’ll work with you to help you make the most of both your interior and exterior settings; boosting productivity, maximising comfort and usability ‐ and always mindful of energy efficiency.


Every picture tells a story.

At ErosPhos we bring your brand’s story to life. In recent years there has been a significant rise in the desire for ‘live facades’. Companies are choosing to showcase their creativity and core values by investing in eye-catching visual displays, transforming facades into fantasies of the imagination. Our lighting design experts will work with you to capture your vision and then project it perfectly.

Create an impression. Make an impact.

Using the most advanced lighting methods, including dynamic colour-changing luminaries and video, we’ll create a captivating display that harnesses the natural beauty of your structure to give your brand ‘stand‐out’ appeal. From high-performance LED fixtures, accent and profile lighting, to floodlights, we’ll ensure the architectural features of your building, and our lighting solutions, complement one another beautifully. As designer lighting specialists, we’ll never overpower a building by drenching it in too much light. We’re mindful of creating just the right balance, as over-lighting can have a damaging effect.

What can we achieve with video media?

The only limit is your imagination. We can be as creative as you dare to be. Imagine a building encapsulated by shimmering Christmas tree lights, where each bulb is individually controlled. By running this through a dedicated lighting server, we can create a 2/3D model of your building and then run video over the top. Be it a building, structure, tree, or monument, we’ll add a totally new dimension by transforming it into a huge video screen.

Precision lighting. Intuitive control systems.

Using software-driven lighting technology we create whatever you desire. And when it comes to controlling lighting systems, we are truly innovative. From pre‐set, scheduled lighting events, through to meteorological and lunar-adaptive scenarios, we can control the finest detail of your designer lighting system, all the while ensuring the architectural features of your building are maximised beautifully.

A complete, creative lighting solution

At ErosPhos we call upon the skills of a great team of people to bring your project to life. From our conceptual lighting engineers and designers, through to our installation specialists, project managers and lighting control experts, everyone has their role to play. And long after your designer lighting products have been installed, we can provide ongoing support and maintenance. All our lighting systems can be controlled remotely - we can make changes easily, using the power of the internet. From initial concepts to completion and beyond, ErosPhos is your ‘complete’ designer lighting solution partner.