Road & Tunnel Lighting

The most technically advanced lighting solutions. The most precise lighting controls.

At ErosPhos we’re continually pushing the boundaries of lighting design and control, looking to emerging technologies to develop highly effective, environmentally friendly lighting products for roads and tunnels.

As one of the industry’s foremost technical lighting providers, we create and implement citywide road lighting and tunnel lighting systems.

Safe. Secure. Well-lit.

Nowhere is lighting more important than within road and tunnel applications. We have extensive experience within this specialist sector and are well-versed in the challenges that it poses.

Steady and careful application

With so many variables to consider such as traffic flow, merging lanes and varying speeds, high visibility and precision road lighting is imperative.

We’re experts in achieving the optimum balance of light. We use luminance for traffic routes and illuminance in complicated layout areas and tunnels. At ErosPhos, we’re also attentive of environmental conditions too, and how these may impact our lighting installations.

We will always take climatic conditions into consideration, and devise road lighting solutions that are specially designed to deal with these factors, such as high wind for instance. In these situations, we can also provide a comprehensive installation package, including mounting equipment and fixing products.

Precision lighting control.

Precision lighting control for roads & tunnels. As anyone involved in the planning and development of road and tunnel lighting will know, there are strict international regulations which govern the amount and quality of lighting (including spill light) within these high traffic flow settings.

For instance, a tunnel should be safe with good visibility. There should be a smooth flow of light, so at the entrance the light needs to be brighter, with the lighting becoming brighter as commuters move through the tunnel. The aim is to create a lighting effect that’s as natural as possible, and that corresponds with our eye’s natural reaction to adjust.

Reactive, energy reducing road and tunnel lighting.

At ErosPhos, our lighting development team is constantly looking at ways we can help our clients reduce energy consumption. We employ mechanisms to save energy and improve budget spend such as reactive lighting (that varies intensity depending on the level of natural light), and automated dimmers (that reduce light during earlier periods of the day).

Our team of inhouse tunnel and road lighting engineers also work with your contractors/specifiers and planning team to devise emergency lighting schedules. Should accidents or congestion occur, the lighting level can be raised at the touch of a button.

Current Project

- Queensferry Crossing, Scotland, UK