Retail & Hospitality

Designed to thrill. Created to sell.

The right lighting has a massive impact when it comes to retail spaces. Customers are unlikely to sift through the rails of a poorly-lit fashion store, and they will instead opt for the lure of a well-lit promo window.

It’s no coincidence that supermarket gondolas are often streamed in bright light, so that they attract the customers’ eyes and showcase products perfectly. That said, facility managers must be mindful of lowering energy costs. That’s where ErosPhos’s intuitive lighting products and lighting control systems come in. Our unique portfolio is designed to meet the most challenging and complicated lighting demands.

Working with your management team and architects, we’ll create a lighting strategy that complements your instore architecture and infrastructure. We’ll scope out a lighting solution that does justice to your product and your space.

Emotive. Captivating. Stimulating.

Light control plays an important part in creating great atmospheres in cinemas and theatres. Whether it’s to evoke a specific mood in a performance or a key point in a movie, lighting is crucial to generate a fantastic audience experience. At ErosPhos our architectural lighting solutions can be tailored to suit both the art form and the setting, allowing for greater automation and integration as your needs dictate.