Lighting for sport arenas and stadiums

Radiant, pulsing, atmospheric...

The moment’s intense, the atmosphere’s electric, and the mood is set for some exhilarating sporting action. Great lighting is a must for all sports stadiums. Whether it’s a major football game or a local council team play off, lighting is key to making the event a success.

With the right setup, you can almost feel the adrenaline pumping. At ErosPhos we’ve extensive experience in consulting, designing and engineering lighting solutions for sports stadiums across the world.

Having designed the lighting infrastructure, both exteriors and interiors, for over a hundred sports venues, it’s one of our specialisms. We have all the relevant UEFA, FIFA and sports association certification of compliance too.

Delivering excellence at every stage

Before we begin designing any stadium lighting solution, we sit down with architects, directors and all relevant bodies to discuss the ‘ideal’ infrastructure. Once we receive final drawings from architects, we’ll then start to visualise things.

Safe and Secure

Safety and security are a major concern at sports stadiums. This is another area we have particular expertise in, and quite often sporting bodies will ask us to scope out architectural lighting solutions that encompass interiors, such as conference rooms, restaurants and toilets, as well as exteriors; facade lighting, video pixel displays/media facades, the stadium itself, seating areas, grounds and perimeter fencing.

Emotive. Captivating. Stimulating.

At ErosPhos we specialise in providing a ‘complete’ architectural lighting solution. In addition to the lighting products themselves, we also offer design, management, consultation, installation support, and all control equipment too.