Lighting Design For Schools & Offices

Precise. Illuminating. Motivating.

From helping children concentrate, to keeping employees focused and motivated, getting the lighting right is key to creating inspirational education and office environments. At ErosPhos we’ve a wealth of experience in creating lighting systems that are designed to aid a specific task. It’s crucial for instance, in a classroom with little natural light, that students can see whiteboards and learning screens clearly. At the same time, we are mindful not to flood the space with artificial light. Our school and office lighting specialists have the expertise to strike this balance perfectly.

The best lighting solution for schools

According to the government’s latest bulletin on lighting in schools, “The best school environments give an impression of liveliness, with attractive spaces and a general feeling of pleasantness. There can be no doubt that surroundings contribute to the happiness and well‐being of teachers and pupils, and that lighting plays a significant if not the leading role. Lighting (both natural and electric) is recognised as an essential contribution if it stems from and encourages the fulfilment of school activities.” Government Lighting Bulletin

We support the government’s outlines and understand the importance of lighting in relation to concentration and alertness. How many of us remember a time, either in a lecture, or meeting, where the light was so poor we could barely stay awake?

Energising, calming, warming

Lighting can be used to create different kinds of learning and business environments. Break‐out areas, for instance, may feature more intense bright light, to help invigorate and stimulate minds, whilst staff rooms or play areas might have a warmer glow to aid relaxation.

Emotive. Captivating. Stimulating.

Our aim, regardless of the sector, is to enhance, complement and maximise both the space, and existing architectural features, whilst being attentive to the purpose of the space too.

Uplifting. Motivating. Glare-free.

Light has a real impact on how people feel, how they view their workspace, and how they interact with their colleagues. At ErosPhos we’ve a great deal of experience in transforming work spaces into stimulating, uplifting environments.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to creating the best lighting solutions for offices. Health and safety is a key priority as new legislation comes in year after year. Protecting your employees’ wellbeing - predominantly their sight - is now fundamental, as up to 80% of office information is processed visually; either via computers, laptops, screens or large overhead projection.

At ErosPhos we’re experts in designing, supplying and installing office lighting infrastructures which not only complement the interior design of your building, and make the best use of natural light, they can also be tailored to the specific ‘work task’ you have in mind. From glare and shadow-free planar lighting for ‘workstation’ areas, through to subtle, recessed lighting for more relaxed ‘catch-ups’ with colleagues, we’ve an office lighting solution to suit every scenario.

Controlled. Creative. Comprehensive.

At ErosPhos we’re often asked to propose commercial lighting products that can be installed widescale. We offer cost-effective, adjustable, and all-encompassing solutions from the office, the kitchen, toilets and gym, to the car park and public areas. This is often a more cost-effective way of implementing new lighting infrastructures. We service and supply all these solutions which can then be controlled to ensure energy efficiency and precision, targeted lighting.