Culture & Houses of Worship

Iconic. Radiant. Atmospheric.

ErosPhos can bring the magic of amusement parks, attractions and cultural centres to life. From dramatic lighting on key attractions and accent lighting on trees, through to uplighters on merchandising and amenity lighting for public areas such as toilets, corridors, car parks and walkways… we’ve sophisticated lighting products and lighting control systems to help you create the perfect cultural venue.

Showcasing architectural features. Illuminating clergy. Punctuating services.

Quite often, houses of worship are used for numerous purposes, including community events. At ErosPhos our lighting products and precision lighting control systems allow our clients to adjust and direct lighting, as and where it’s needed, depending on the activity.

It may be that you want to highlight the natural beauty of your church by using accent lighting on delicate architectural detail, or sacred depictions on the walls.

Or maybe you want to provide a soft glow to illuminate ornate features on the roof of your mosque. At ErosPhos we’ve designed, supplied and installed complex and competitively priced lighting solutions and controls for a multitude of houses of worship, with each one posing its own challenge.

Emotive. Captivating. Stimulating.

Light control plays an important part in creating great atmospheres in cinemas and theatres. Whether it’s to evoke a specific mood in a performance or a key point in a movie, lighting is crucial to generate a fantastic audience experience. At ErosPhos our architectural lighting solutions can be tailored to suit both the art form and the setting, allowing for greater automation and integration as your needs dictate.